The annual Spaghetti Supper fundraiser helps to raise money and awareness for the summer youth programs at FamilyCore.  The money goes for children whose parents cannot afford it.

This year it was held again at the First English Lutheran Church across Forrest Hill Avenue from the Outreach Office in the Forrest Hill United Methodist Church.  We are grateful for their support!  

The event was successful!  We raised over $2,800 dollars with over 100 people attending.  There was great food, great family time, and great fun.  The cake walk and children's games were a hit and everyone enjoyed the western theme this year.

Ron Tyler the Director of the Outreach Program and his wife shared a special moment when she won the silent auction item of getting to put pie in Ron's face.  This is a cherished part of this annual event!

Many thanks go to all of the volunteers and donors who helped to make this event a success.  Special thanks also go to Donna O'Day who volunteered to take pictures for the event.  Those pictures should be posted here within the next two weeks.