FamilyCore held its first agency-wide employee retreat on Friday, May 29th.  The retreat was put on by the Wellness Committee to help strengthen our friendship and knowledge of other employees and departments within our agency.

The weather cooperated!  There was none of the predicted rain and we had a good turnout.  The retreat was at the Peoria Park District's Camp Wokanda near Chillicothe.

The activities included lunch, team building, hiking, crafts, yoga, massage, making ice cream, playing bags, a presentation on Mindfulness and Mind-Body Briding, and a presentation on doing Zentangle.

All the feedback was positive and we plan to have another agency-wide retreat in the fall of 2016.  The following pictures show some of the fun!

Sheila drew this during the caft time.  
She is a great artist!

Passing hoola hoops during the team building.

Everybody crowd in, hold hands, then try to untangle the knot to form a big circle - what could be simpler?

The camp had some great trails for the hikers.

Crafts included drawing and making stress balls with baloons and Play dough.

One of the crafts was to fill a sock with rice.  You can microwave it to make a neck warmer.

One of the two yoga sessions.

Homemade ice cream!  Kristy put together the ingredients in cans so people could make their own ice cream.

How people made the ice cream was to kick those cans around for 10 minutes.  Therapeutic and tastes great!

Several people played bags.

The Mindfulness presentation by Debra.

people doing Zentangle during that presentation.