The race was a great success!  We had over 200 people registered to run and walk, and the weather was great!  

We are grateful for all the people who came to run and walk, and all the volunteers who helped to make the event successful.  One volunteer was the Frosty runner, and those finishing the race before that runner got entered in a drawing for prizes.

The race and walk were at the Peoria Riverfront - a map of the race course can be found HERE.

We are also grateful for Shazam Racing helping to time the race.  The race results are on their website and can be found HERE.

After the race there was fruit, water and candy for everyone in the Gateway Building, along with the awards ceremony.  Before the ceremony we took a moment to remember Debbie Ryva, who had been a long-time organizer for this event.

We are looking forward to the 18th annual Frosty 5K next year!

For more information , please contact Frank Disney at 309-676-2400 or email 

Before the Race at Running Central

Rick, Glenna, and Frosty

The Start of the Race

The Start of the Race

The Walkers

And more Walkers

At the Finish Line

At the Finish Line

The Frosty Runner

Remembering Debbie
 The First Place Runner!

Receiving Awards

After the Race at the Gateway Bld.

After the Race at the Gateway Bld.

We had a nice crowd!